St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School is a Group 1 Independent School and as such, follows the curriculum requirements set out by the BC Ministry of Education. In addition to these standards, we strive to enrich the learning experience through extra-curricular activities and expanded programming. Our students participate in events such as the District Science Fair, annual speech competitions, sports tournaments, and Canstruction. 

We are passionate about the importance of family, faith and community. Specialized programs to support students with learning difficulties or challenge students with gifts and talents ensure that each child has the opportunity to reach his or her potential. At St. Joseph we focus on educating the whole person, teaching children that they are valued members of a community and preparing them for life.

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Outdoor Learning Program

Throughout the year, our students participate programs such as swimming, skating, museum and art gallery visits, theatrical productions and retreats to expand our learning opportunities beyond the classroom walls. St. Joseph also works in conjunction with in the Clubhouse Farm Outdoor Opportunities program where students explore, learn, and create in a natural environment.

Fine Arts

Music has a high priority and a positive, well-earned reputation in our school. Music forms an integral part of our Eucharistic celebrations. Students are instructed in concert band at Grades 6 and 7. Each year St. Joseph students prepare musical/drama performances for the school community. Teachers prepare with their students - learning lines, songs, and stage skills. Public performances are held for the enjoyment of the school and wider community.

Second Language

French as a second language is offered to all students starting in Kindergarten. Through a program of activities, songs, games, reading and writing, we expect students to develop an interest and enthusiasm for the French language and culture. The major focus is on oral language acquisition. A specialist French teacher teaches French as a Second Language in Grades 5 to 7.


Integrating technology into the classroom diversifies learning opportunities and prepares our students for real world environments. In addition to a designated computer room, we have mobile iPad labs and SMART Board technology in every classroom. Subjects such as robotics and coding are explored in our Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies program.

Religious Education

As a Catholic School of the Nelson Diocese, St. Joseph Elementary offers Religious Education using the Faith First program and the Benziger Family Life program. The school provides Sacramental preparation for Reconciliation and Eucharist in Grade 2, and Confirmation in Grade 7.

The purpose of St. Joseph School is to assist with the faith formation of the students. This can only be done with the co-operation of home, school and parish. We strongly encourage parents to be active in their parish.

We are fortunate to have our parish priests contributing their time, energy and religious guidance in striving to provide the best possible Catholic education for our students. Staff members attend yearly spiritual development retreats and conferences.

Each month we celebrate the Eucharist as a school community. Each grade level takes a turn preparing the celebration for us. Parents and community members are invited and most welcome to join us on these special occasions.

Sports & Athletics

Physical Education

All students participate in physical education five days per week. They are instructed in a wide variety of sports and have lessons in swimming, skating, gymnastics, and cross-country skiing through local community programs.


St. Joseph has basketball teams for Grade 7 girls and boys which compete against other Grade 7 teams in the area.

Cross Country

In the spring, the St. Joseph Cross Country Running team trains regularly at Mission Creek Park. They compete against other Grade 4-7 students in the area and host an annual invitational race.

Track and Field

St. Joseph School hosts an invitational track meet for Grade 4-7 students each May.


Each year St. Joseph fields volleyball teams for Grade 7 boys and girls. The teams compete against other local Grade 7 teams and host their own tournament each November.


Grade 6 students participate in cross country skiing lessons at the Telemark Nordic Club. St. Joseph School is also a pick up/drop off point for the Big White after school program in January.

Student Support Services

Educational services are offered under the direction of the Student Support Services Co-ordinator. These services are designed to support students who have special educational needs.

Special Education

St. Joseph School has a coordinator of Student Services who oversees programs for students with special medical and/or learning needs who are funded by the Ministry of Education, as well as those not funded.

Learning Assistance

Our learning assistance program is a service designed to assist students with mild-to-moderate learning difficulties. The focus is on providing remediation, learning strategies and compensatory skills. English Language Learners receive small group instruction in English in addition to the regular Language Arts Program.


The enrichment program is a service available to all children in need of a challenge beyond the regular BC Ministry of Education school program. Enrichment takes place in the classroom. 

Specific Skill Development

For students in need of basic skills development, we offer short-term direct instruction in a small group setting. This service enables students who are behind in reading, writing or math (for reasons other than a learning difficulty) to get caught up with the regular classroom program.

Counseling Services

A teacher is available for students, parents and teachers to discuss concerns and work towards resolution.

St. Joseph Elementary School: the right choice for your family!

Clubhouse The Clubhouse Child Care Centre provides a seamless day for children at St. Joseph Elementary with both before and after school care. It is open year round from 7:00 to 5:30 Monday to Friday. The Clubhouse also provides Full Day and Half Day Early Learning Programs and the "I Am Special" Catholic Pre-school Program.
Immac Immaculata is our local regional Catholic high school serving Kelowna and its surrounding area. Immaculata was first established in 1960 and currently serves over 250 students from grades 8-12.