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Applications for student enrolment may be submitted at any time and, as space is limited, it is recommended that parents register their children as far in advance as possible to ensure acceptance. Doing so also assists in planning and budgeting for the future needs of the school. Please contact the school office should you require any additional information or assistance in obtaining and/or completing the registration form.

Our international homestay students are a welcome addition to our school and will receive support and encouragement from teachers, staff, and the school community. A program coordinator at the school serves as a link between the teachers, students, and families. We recommend 4 or 6 month terms for most homestay students. Full year programs are available to those who are mature and independent and have some international experience. We also offer customized programs to allow for short term stays ranging from a few days to weeks.

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tuition costs are tax deductible!

Real tuition costs - an example from 2017:

A school family with taxable income up to $200,000 paid $8,960 in tuition for 3 children. They received a donation receipt of $8,960.

Federal charitable donation tax credit:

$30 (15% on the first $200)
$2,540 (29% on the remaining $8,760)
$2,570 ($30 + $2,540) is their total federal tax credit

Provincial charitable donation tax credit:

$10 (5.06% on the first $200)
$1,288 (14.7% on the remaining $8,760)
$1,298 ($10 + $1,288) is their total provincial tax credit

$3,868 ($2,570 + $1,298) is their total charitable donation tax credit (43.2% of tuition paid)

Net tuition paid is $5,092 ($8,960 - $3,868)

Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child have to be to start Kindergarten?

At St. Joseph School, we believe that your child must be academically, socially, emotionally, and physically ready to start Kindergarten. As per Ministry of BC guidelines, children must be five years of age as of December 31 in the same calendar year they begin school. Under special circumstances, younger children may be accepted if they meet certain criteria. An assessment must be carried out including: a Readiness Assessment, observation at pre-school setting, and discussion with the pre-school care provider(s), etc. The final decision rests with the principal. Because the government does not supply grants to children under the age of five, if a child under the age of five (as of December 31) is accepted, the parents/guardians will be required to pay the government grant equivalent in addition to the tuition fees.

Does St. Joseph provide before and after school care?

The Clubhouse Child Care Centre is located on site and provides a seamless day for children at St. Joseph School. It is open year round from 7:00 to 5:30 Monday to Friday. The Clubhouse also provides Full Day and Half Day Early Learning Programs and the "I Am Special" Catholic Pre-school Program.

Does my child have to be Catholic?

No. St. Joseph is inclusive and welcomes all who genuinely seek to be part of the life of the school and wish to share in a vibrant, well-resourced learning environment based on Catholic faith and values.

What grades does St. Joseph School encompass?

Our campus is home to both primary and middle school students from grades Kindergarten through 7. If you have older children in grades 8-12, Immaculata is our local regional Catholic high school serving Kelowna and the surrounding area. Immaculata was first established in 1960 and currently serves over 250 students.

Is there a hot lunch program?

Yes! Colt's Cafe is our hot lunch program and it is offered to all students Monday through Thursday. Our grade 7 students serve fun lunch on Fridays as a fundraiser for their end-of-year retreat. More information can be found on our hot lunch page.

Does St. Joseph have a dress code?

Yes! Students wear their school uniform every day except for half days and special spirit days. Grades 2-7 students also wear school gym strip for P.E. Information on uniform specifications can be found here.