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Wondering if your child is ready for Kindergarten?

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In order to enter Kindergarten in BC your child must turn five years old prior to December 31st of that year. Even though you may feel your child is more than ready, acceptance is based strictly upon age.

More answers to common questions can be found in the FAQ section of our Admissions page.

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the five areas of development 

Aesthetic and artistic development - When children engage in dance, drama, music, or the visual arts, they express and communicate a personal response to a stimulus or idea. Arts education in the primary years provides students with rich sensory and aesthetic experiences and opportunities for artistic expression. It also involves using the various arts as a means to learn and to express learning in other subject areas.

Emotional and social development - Primary teachers have a special role to play in creating nurturing and loving spaces for children as they adapt to formal schooling. Children learn best when they feel secure and valued. When they are accepted and appreciated, they feel free to take risks in their learning, to make mistakes, and to learn from both difficulties and successes.

Intellectual development - Children are curious and enthusiastic learners who want to explore the world around them. They have a natural interest in new experiences and in developing ways of understanding and communicating those experiences. Intelligence is multidimensional, reflecting the varied ways human beings experience the world and the diverse ways people construct and communicate meaning.

Physical development and well-being - For children, learning involves whole- body experiences, participation, and play. They need experiences that extend their ability to lead safe, active, healthy lives. Regular school activities for physical development, including the large and small muscles and gross and fine motor skills, will promote the development of all children.

Development of social responsibility - In the Primary Program, children are helped to move beyond an egocentric view of the world. Experiences help them learn empathy, critical thinking, conflict resolution, individual and collaborative decision making, and a sense of community. These experiences prepare children to seek solutions to broader issues based on an awareness of what it means to be socially responsible.

As per BC Ministry of Education, The Primary Program - a Framework for Teaching

Outdoor Academy Program

Outdoor learning is an integral part of the St. Joseph Kindergarten Program. Given the freedom to explore, children are able to problem solve and interact in a way that supports the new BC Curriculum Core Competencies of Communication, Thinking, Personal, and Social. Based on a Know-Do-Understand model of learning, outdoor settings allow for hands-on interaction with the natural world. Students are keen to play, explore, and learn while growing in independence and teamwork skills. They use their imagination in many ways to interact with nature, open space, and each other. 

This unique program is supported by current research which shows the many positive health, social and learning benefits associated with children being given access to nature. It is designed to engage, challenge, and prepare students in a whole new way.

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Nature is important to children’s development in every major way - intellectually, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and physically.
Stephen R. Kellert

Ready Set Learn Kindergarten readiness

Ready, Set, Learn!

Do you have a child preparing to enter Kindergarten? Would you like to know why St. Joseph School is a great choice for your family?

Ready, Set, Learn! is a fun and positive way to introduce your child to our school. New students and their families will have the opportunity to spend time with our fantastic primary teachers, talk to our principal, and discover why the St. Joseph Kindergarten program is number one in Kelowna!

This year's event took place February 3rd - but don't worry if you missed it! You can still get all the information you need by contacting our office:  ac.dnsic@eciffokjs or 250-763-3371.

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