Sports & Athletics








Physical Education

All students participate in physical education five days per week. They are instructed in a wide variety of sports and have lessons in swimming, skating, gymnastics, and cross-country skiing through local community programs.


St. Jospeh also has basketball teams for Grade 7 girls and boys. The teams compete against other Grade 7 teams in the area.

Cross Country Team

In the spring the St. Joseph Cross Country running team trains regularly at Mission Creek Park. They compete against other Grade 4-7 students in the area and host an annual invitational race.

Track and Field

St. Joseph School hosts an invitational track meet for Grade 4-7 students each May.


Each year St. Joseph fields volleyball teams for Grade 7 boys and girls. The teams compete against other local Grade 7 teams and host their own tournament each November.


Grade 6 students participate in cross country skiing lessons at the Telemark Nordic Club. St. Joseph School is also a pick up/drop off point for the Big White after school program in January.