About St. Joseph Catholic School

Why should i Choose St. Joseph School for my family?

Founded in 1938, St. Joseph Catholic School is home to over 300 students from Kindergarten through Grade 7. Your child will receive a quality, faith-based education that emphasizes high academic standards and the virtues of kindness, honesty, and service. Our dedicated teachers embrace the philosophy of Whole Child Education and encourage students to think critically and creatively. St. Joseph School provides a supportive, caring, and safe environment where your child will be inspired to reach their full potential.

As a Group 1 Independent School, St. Joseph follows the curriculum requirements set out by the BC Ministry of Education. In addition to these standards, we strive to enrich your child's learning experience through extra-curricular activities and expanded programming. 

What kind of programs will my child experience?

Along with a focus on academic success, students enjoy a wide variety of extra-curricular programs including:

  • fine arts (music, theatrical productions)
  • athletics (swimming, skating, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, track & field, cross country)
  • outdoor learning opportunities (Outdoor Academy, field trips, student retreats)
  • technology (robotics, coding, SMART boards, iPad and computer labs)

Does my child have to be Catholic?

No. St. Joseph is inclusive and welcomes all who genuinely seek to be part of the life of the school and wish to share in a vibrant, well-resourced learning environment based on Catholic faith and values.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to foster the development of the total child in spirit, mind and body. Through Jesus, we encourage the pursuit of excellence in a community of love and respect.

In Faith and Unity, We Love, Learn, and Lead

The staff of St. Joseph Catholic School is committed to this mission:

  • by working in partnership with home and school
  • by living our faith everyday; providing a safe environment in which all children can feel loved, needed and cared for
  • by providing a Christian education in the Roman Catholic tradition
  • by recognizing students as individuals and meeting their unique needs
  • by accepting responsibility for setting and maintaining high standards for the spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, physical and aesthetic development of each student
  • by continuing to achieve the highest possible professional and personal standards while growing in faith
  • by promoting a love for life-long learning in all students
  • by preparing students for the world of tomorrow

The special character of the Catholic School – the underlying reason for it, the reason why Catholic parents should prefer it, is precisely the quality of the religious instruction integrated into the education of the pupils.

Pope John-Paul II Catechese Tradendae, 1979

Leadership & Service

Preparing your child to make a positive impact on the world is something we take very seriously at St. Joseph Catholic School. Accordingly, every effort is made to participate in events and interact with the community outside our doors in order to foster a sense of giving, responsibility and civic pride. Our good intentions are only amplified by practicing good works.

  • We have a dedicated School Council and Parent Support Group
  • We participate annually in the Terry Fox Run and Jump Rope for Heart
  • Students make regular visits to Seniors’ Residences - playing bingo, doing crafts, and singing carols at Christmas
  • Our Junior St. Vincent de Paul group collects food and toiletries for those in need
  • Each year we host a "Green Christmas" sale to raise funds for Project G.R.O.W.
  • Students in Grades 4 to 7 have an assigned ‘buddy’ in a younger grade - spending time with them throughout the year and working on special projects together
  • Grade 6 students are responsible for Kindergarten lunch time supervision
  • All students participate in our Social Responsibility Program - cleaning hallways and classrooms and taking part in the maintenance of our school

  • Grade 7 students are required to complete service hours each semester by volunteering in their church and community

These are only some of the ways we work to be ‘out there’ and behind the scenes of our community, hopefully teaching our students and that by giving of their God-given gifts and talents they are improving both the world and themselves.

Daily Spiritual Life

Spiritual growth does not happen by accident. It is something that must be worked at each day. At St. Joseph School we recognize the importance, and necessity, of working our Faith into the daily life of our school.

  • Prayer is an integral part of our school day for both staff and students
  • All classes take turns planning monthly School Liturgies and assist directly in the celebration of the Mass
  • Our religion classes are all conducted within Diocesan-approved programs such as Benzinger Family Life. We follow the Vancouver Catholic Schools Faith Formation curriculum
  • During the seasons of Advent and Lent, students celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation

  • Grade 2 students prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist; Grade 7 students prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Catholic Independent Schools of Nelson Diocese (CISND) is a ten-member board that governs all Catholic schools in the diocese through policy development and fiscal planning. The Board directs local School Councils to assist them with certain aspects of school governance. The President of CISND is the administrator, Bishop John Bittman. The Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Mr. Arthur Therrien, is the Chief Executive Officer of the CISND and his role is to implement the policies of CISND and oversee the educational operation of all schools.


The Federation of Independent Schools Association (FISA), of which the Catholic schools are a member, is a liaison group between the government and the various independent school groups. The role of FISA is to lobby government and other groups to promote and support independent schools.

School Council

The Council consists of parish representatives and clergy who set local policy and determine budgets for St. Joseph Catholic School; it is responsible to Catholic Independent Schools of Nelson Diocese (CISND).

Ministry of Education

Through the Independent Schools Branch, the BC Ministry of Education ensures that standards are maintained in educational programs, staff qualifications and facilities.

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