Posted Sep. 1, 2022

Drop off and pick up

Drop off and pick up

St. Joseph School will return to our regular drop-off and pick up procedures

Drop-off is between 8:10 and 8:25am.

It is extremely important that children arrive at school on time. Students should be dropped off no later than 8:25am.

  • Please park in the parking lot if you intend to leave your vehicle for any reason (getting your child’s backpack from trunk, putting a coat on your child, etc.).
  • If you are using the drop-off lane, please move up as far as possible, even if there is no one behind you (no idling as per the new Kelowna bylaw of one minute).
  • Do not drop off your child unless you see a supervisor with an orange vest which will be at 8:10am.
  • Students may place their backpacks on their line and play until the bell goes at 8:30 am; they will not be permitted into the building until then.
  • When students hear the bell they will line up in their assigned spot and be led by their teacher into the building.

Pick up is between 2:45 and 3:00pm (11:45 and 12:00 on half days)

K - Grade 3

  • Students will be taken out by their teachers who will stay with them until they are picked up.
  • Parents are encouraged to park their vehicles and may now pick up their children from the lineup; please let your child’s teacher know that you are taking them.
  • If you use the pick-up lane you cannot leave your vehicle; this lane is meant to be in constant motion and can get back-ogged very easily.
  • If you have your last name on a card in your window where a supervisor can see it, the name will be called.
  • If your child does not come to your vehicle promptly, you are encouraged to park.

Grades 4 – 7

  • Students will be dismissed from their classrooms at 2:45; they are expected to proceed directly outside.
  • If you are using the pick-up lane, you must instruct your child to be ready and waiting close to the pick-up lane.
  • Intermediate children may pick up primary siblings from their line-up once they see their vehicle.
  • Parking is strongly encouraged to keep the traffic flowing.

Please model safety practices to our students by using the crosswalk at all times; do not cut across the parking lot at any time, especially with your child.

Be sure to pick your child up by 3:00pm at the latest.