Posted May. 12, 2017

Students Sandbag for Others

Students Sandbag for Others

Madison Erhardt  Castanet Friday, May 12th, 2017  

After students at St. Joseph Elementary in Kelowna had their track and field day cancelled due to the weather, several students took it upon themselves to help out the community. 

"When one door closes, another one opens. Some of our intermediate students and an amazing crew of parents helped out sandbagging all of the areas we were concerned about around the school. A crew of students and a teacher went over to the sandbagging station at Rowcliffe and Richter and helped fill over 350 sandbags for those in need," Principal, Lynn Fleck said.

Fleck said in an email to parents that she had been planning the track meet for 18 years and never had to cancel before, but she couldn't think of a better alternative then to lend a hand. 

"Thank you for your patience and for being such a part of an amazing community. How blessed we are," Fleck said.