Posted Apr. 17, 2017

Students Give Back for Good Friday

Students Give Back for Good Friday

Carli Berry  Kelowna Capital News Friday, April 14th, 2017 

Grade 5 students at St Joseph Elementary Catholic School found a way to give back to those in need for Easter weekend.

The students held a bake sale and raised $1,035 to create gift baskets for children stuck in Kelowna General Hospital for Easter.

Katie White, 10, said she found the idea in a magazine.

Three students, White, 10, Cassidy Bank, 10 and Fabiana Diaz Rendon, 10, were the initial creators and will be handing out baskets on Good Friday.

Diaz Rendon said she decided to fundraise for the children at KGH because “no one is there for them, aside from their family.”

“I joined because I wanted to help bake and make the kids happy,” chimed in Emily Veitch, who helped with baking.

The students of Kate Hopley’s class baked brownies, corn muffins, cookies, Rice Krispies and more, selling them during two recesses.

The sale sold out and created enough funds to make 12 baskets with leftover funds which will go to the hospital.

“We are always looking for opportunities for the kids to reach out, we’re working with packing food hampers and working with various charities in town so it’s kind of always on their mind. But this idea did come to me and had great parent support and the entire class got involved as well,” said Hopley.

The initial goal was $200, and they surpassed it with parent donations.

“I think it is critical to be encouraging students at this age to take the initiative so when they become adults, they’ll become responsible citizens of our community who can reach out and contribute to society.”