Posted Feb. 8, 2020

Spotlight on Ms. Pedrette

Spotlight on Ms. Pedrette
alt textHow long have you been teaching at St. Joseph School?

I have been teaching here for 23 years. This was my first year as Vice-Principal and now I am acting Principal while Mrs. Fleck is recovering from surgery.

What do you love about our school?
  • The sense of community; it is like my second family
  • Friendly and polite students
  • Students love to learn
  • We are rooted in our faith
What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy seeing students engaged in their learning, especially when they are working on projects where they create and build things. At St. Joseph I also have the freedom to live and model my faith in my day to day living.

What is your favourite part of each school day?

First thing in the morning when the students are rested and eager to learn. I enjoy greeting students as they enter the school, seeing their smiles, and hearing their cheerful “Good mornings!”

What are your hobbies?

I like to read and am in a book club. I also like to bike ride and hike on the weekends and love swimming.

Where did you grow up? What brought you to Kelowna?

I grew up in Toronto. Toronto was fun because we could visit the Science Centre or Royal Ontario Museum, watch the Blue Jays, or go up the CN Tower. I came to Kelowna when my husband was offered a job here. We decided to move because we knew it would be a fantastic place to raise children. We also loved the mountains and the beautiful lake.

alt textWhat did you want to be when you were young?

I had two ideas of what I wanted to be when I grew up. One choice was an archeologist and the other.... a teacher.

alt textTell us about your family...

I am married and have two sons. My oldest is Thomas who is 26 and my youngest is Christopher who is 23. Growing up, they both went to St. Joseph School and Immaculata High School. Thomas is married so I also have a daughter-in-law whose name is Karen. They are expecting a baby this spring which means I get to be a grandmother! I am very happy that they all live in Kelowna so I see them a lot.


Colour? Purple

Food? Steak Salad

Sport? to watch: Hockey; to participate in: Swimming

Book? when I was young: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; as an adult: To Kill a Mockingbird

Movie? when I was young: Swiss Family Robinson; as an adult: Life is Beautiful

Quote? “The life of a teacher, as I know from personal experience, is very challenging and demanding, but it is also profoundly satisfying. It is more than a job, for it is rooted in our deepest convictions and values.” Saint Pope John Paul II

Is there anything else we might not know about you that you would like to share?
  • I broke my arm when I was six
  • When I was a child I spent hours and hours playing outside
  • I worked in the CN tour one summer
  • My favourite candy is maple sugar