Posted Feb. 22, 2018

KOC Free Throw Champs!

KOC Free Throw Champs!

Congratulations to our Knights of Columbus Free Throw Competition champions! Our school winners were:

9 years old - Girls: Kiera Glavey, 1st; Nellie McKenzie, 2nd  Boys: Finn Raible, 1st; Brody Melnyk, 2nd

10 years old - Girls: Haylie Cruickshank, 1st; Morgan Powyie, 2nd  Boys: Chase Witzel, 1st; Jackson Little, 2nd

11 years old - Girls: Elly Dober, 1st; Iyra Pun, 2nd  Boys: Jakob Koren, 1st; Jacob Hoffman, 2nd

12 years old - Girls: Lola Gulyas, 1st; London Thalheimer, 2nd  Boys: Lorenzo Salamanca, 1st, Dylan Raible, 2nd

These students qualified to compete at the District Championships against other local school winners. St. Joe's players dominated once again! Kiera Glavey, Haylie Cruickshank, Iyra Puno, Chase Witzel, and Finn Raible all came first in their respective age groups. Nellie McKenzie, Elly Dober, and Brody Melnyk all placed second. 

Way to go St. Joseph Colts!!